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"You are the same today that you are going to be in five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read."

—Charles Jones


World News From BBC

UK and France seek EU help over Calais 
  Sun, 02 Aug 2015 00:32:15 GMT 
    The UK home secretary and her French counterpart urge other EU nations to act to help address the root causes of the Calais migrant crisis.

IAAF files show 'extent of cheating' 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 21:00:07 GMT 
    Anti-doping data, leaked to the Sunday Times and seen by the BBC, shows an "extraordinary extent of cheating" in elite athletics.

Canada sees topless rights rally 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 23:14:46 GMT 
    Hundreds of Canadian woman join a topless protest march after three sisters were allegedly stopped by police for cycling without shirts.

Iraqi Kurds issue warning to PKK 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 15:37:00 GMT 
    Iraqi Kurdish authorities urge Turkish Kurd separatist forces to leave civilian areas, as Turkey continues its air strikes.

New US rights march starts in Selma 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 21:46:39 GMT 
    Civil rights campaigners in the US begin a 40-day march to highlight what they say is a fresh attack on equal rights for African Americans.

Snoop Dogg cash seized in Italy 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 14:38:13 GMT 
    Rap star Snoop Dogg is stopped by police at an Italian airport for carrying more cash than allowed, with half of his $422,000 seized.

Dozens die as rains lash SE Asia 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 16:18:24 GMT 
    As torrential rain continues, dozens die in eastern India and neighbouring Myanmar, where disaster zones have been declared.

New Taliban leader calls for unity 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 19:40:35 GMT 
    The new leader of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, calls for unity and says the group will continue fighting.

Outburst mars Bobbi Brown memorial 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 19:33:56 GMT 
    The Georgia memorial service for Bobbi Kristina Brown, only child of late singer Whitney Houston, is marred by an outburst from her aunt.

Gunman injured by armadillo ricochet 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 14:57:19 GMT 
    A man in East Texas is wounded after a bullet he fired at an armadillo ricocheted and hit him, the local sheriff says.

VIDEO: Myanmar journalist braves floodwaters 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 10:08:45 GMT 
    A journalist for the Democratic Voice of Burma files a report on the country's floods whilst chest-deep in water.

VIDEO: 'Why can't we get married?' 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 18:21:32 GMT 
    Two men attending the annual Gay Pride parade in Belfast explain why they believe they should be able to get married.

VIDEO: Skydivers set 'giant flower' record 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 00:47:40 GMT 
    A new record for the largest ever vertical skydiving formation has been set in Ottawa, Illinois, by 164 flyers who formed the shape of a flower in the sky.

VIDEO: 'Blue moon' as seen around the world 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 02:27:29 GMT 
    There has been a rare opportunity to witness a unique lunar event in the night sky; a so-called "blue moon".

VIDEO: Volcano erupts on Reunion 
  Sat, 01 Aug 2015 13:46:33 GMT 
    A volcano on the French island of Reunion - where debris believed to be from missing flight MH370 was found - has erupted.
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